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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the official website of Yishion. Thank you for your trust in the Yishion brand. Yishion has always been committed to fulfilling its commitment to maintaining customer privacy. We strive to protect and maintain the personal privacy of our customers, and the protection of minors' personal information is especially important. 


The information covered by this Privacy Policy includes, but is not limited to: the personal information that Yishion operates in China, including this Privacy Policy, the linked websites and application software collected in the process of providing services, the use of network-based and mobile technologies Personal information collected from established communication and communication platforms (such as social media) and personal information collected during activities or business processes organized or arranged by Yishion. 

1. What kinds of personal information we collect and how we use it

Yishion only collects personal information voluntarily provided by you, including but not limited to: name, phone number, contact address and email address, etc. The following are some examples of personal information that Yishion may collect:

● When you register a Yishion-related account (eg: Yishion membership club account, etc.): your user name, gender, date of birth, location, contact address, email address, phone number, the frequency of your acceptance of Yishion services and other relevant individuals information;
● When you use Yishion's application software: your location information, etc.;
● When you participate in Yishion's activities or specific affairs: personal information related to the conduct of such activities or specific affairs.
You may choose not to provide Yishion with your personal information. However, in this case, you may not be able to enjoy some of Yishion's services or some functions of Yishion's website and application software. 

The personal information that Yishion collects from you will only be used for the purposes stated at the time of collection and directly related purposes, including but not limited to:
● To process and respond to your inquiries about Yishion products and services;
● To obtain your opinion about Yishion products and services, website or application software;
● Participate in Yishion's activities or specific affairs;
● verify your identity and update our records;
● Perform user access statistics. 

2. The extent to which personal information can be shared

Yishion may share your personal information among Yishion family members. Members of the Yishion family of brands include Yishion and its affiliates and Yishion franchisees. Yishion-related work must comply with this policy when using your personal information. 

Yishion may also employ other companies other than Yishion family members to perform various tasks, such as: business follow-up and processing, assisting with marketing and research, providing technical support for our website and application software, data management, etc. These companies (below Collectively, "Yishion Partners") may need to apply the personal information that Yishion collects to perform its tasks. However, these companies may use such personal information only to perform their tasks and not for other purposes. Yishion may need to share or transfer your personal information with Yishion family members or companies hired by Yishion located in countries or regions other than China to complete transactions consistent with the purpose of collection or to perform the above tasks. Privacy-related laws in these countries or regions may differ from those in China. Yishion will abide by China's personal information protection laws to ensure that the overseas Yishion affiliates and overseas companies hired by Yishion that obtain your personal information will provide similar and/or comparable levels of personal information protection. If you voluntarily submit your personal information to us, you agree to our disclosure, transfer and use of your personal information to countries or regions other than China for the purposes described in this policy. 

Except for the above circumstances, Yishion will not sell, transfer or disclose your personal information to any other third party. However, with your permission, we may, on behalf of our business partners, send you products or information about them that may be of interest to you. You will be asked if you would like to receive information from Yishion's business partners. If you choose to do so, Yishion will not share your personal information with these partners, but will only send their information on behalf of these partners. 

In addition to the above, Yishion reserves the right to use or disclose any information in the following circumstances:
● To meet any legal and regulatory requirements;
● To protect the integrity and legality of the website, application, activity or particular transaction;
● in response to your request;
● To assist in administrative, judicial investigations or investigations related to public safety. 

3. Security of personal information

Yishion takes appropriate management measures and technical means to protect the security of the personal information you provide and prevent unauthorized retrieval, disclosure and loss, disclosure, damage and tampering.
Yishion, Yishion staff, Yishion partners, and third parties licensed to obtain your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy are required to strictly abide by our duty of confidentiality. 

4. Privacy protection of minors

Yishion has always spared no effort to maintain privacy rights, and we pay special attention to the protection of the privacy rights of minors. To this end, we list this section separately to describe our efforts to protect the privacy of minors under the age of 16 ("minors"). 

We may provide some functions on the website, such as online games, which generally do not require minors to provide any personal information, or in rare cases, as a necessary part of minors' participation in activities, we may collect limited personal information (such as email address, etc.). For example: in competition-type activities, we may collect their email addresses from minors to notify them of competition results. In this case, we will not retain such email addresses after the campaign and will not use them for other purposes. In any online event, Yishion will not require minors to provide more information than is reasonably necessary as a precondition to participating in the event. 

Yishion does not collect other personally identifiable information, such as name, mailing address or phone number, from minors unless consent is obtained from their legal guardian. 

We also call on parents to regularly understand or control their children's Internet use behavior. 

5. Access to personal data

You have absolute control over any personal information you provide to us. At any time, if you need to amend the personal information you have provided or change your preferred contact method, you can contact us by email. Our contact details can be found at the end of the policy. 

If you choose to accept the latest news or other market information about our products, services and promotions when you provide personal information, we may send you corresponding messages on these matters; and you can choose to refuse by changing your online settings Accept such messages, or cancel via the unsubscribe link or instruction contained in the message. 

6. Cookies

"Cookies" are small pieces of data that a website transfers to the hard drive of an individual computer for record-keeping purposes. Cookies enable a website to remember certain information to make your browsing of the web more convenient. Like most websites today, the Yishion website uses cookies technology to give you a more pleasant web experience. For example, we count website visitors on an anonymous aggregate basis, and we may use cookies to record the number of times you have visited our website, or when you shop on our website, or hold various Different online activities or sweepstakes to enrich your online experience, in the above cases, we may use your personal information in combination with cookies. 

If you do not wish to accept cookies, please use the options in your web browser to disable the option to accept cookies, or select the option to notify users when cookies are received. Please click on the "Help" option in your browser to learn how to adjust the acceptance of cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to fully experience all the features of the website. 

7. Links to other websites

We may provide links on the Yishion website to websites other than Yishion or Yishion uses other network platforms to conduct activities related to Yishion products and services. These sites do not necessarily follow the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Please refer to the relevant terms of privacy protection of these websites, Yishion will not be responsible for the privacy protection provisions of other websites.

8. Other websites of Yishion

All websites operated by Yishion group companies will comply with this Privacy Policy. However, due to the actual situation of each region and the operational needs of the website, the privacy protection provisions of some Yishion websites may also be different. However, all websites operated by Yishion will follow our consistent commitment to customers in the spirit of this Privacy Policy when collecting or using customers' personal information. 

9. Yishion Franchisee Website

Some Yishion offices and specialty stores are operated by franchisees, and some franchisees also own websites. The franchisee is an independent business entity, and we recommend that the franchisee's website abide by the provisions of this policy. However, please check the relevant provisions of the website in terms of privacy protection while browsing its website. 

10. Updates to Privacy Policy


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