How to buy YISHION, Y:2, TEEBOX, YISHION KIDS and other brand clothing online?

A: Due to the adjustment of YISHION Group's brand strategy, it has withdrawn from e-commerce platforms including Tmall, Taobao,, and Paipai, and also stopped its own online shopping platform. All online sales operations have been suspended in early 2013. YISHION Group has never authorized any platform or company to sell YISHION brand products online. All YISHION brand products sold online are unsecured, fake and shoddy products. In addition, the use of the "yishion" trademark word as a search keyword to promote sales behavior The main body of YISHION Group will reserve the right to further pursue the responsibility according to the law. Welcome consumers who love to buy clothes from YISHION, Y:2, and teebox physical stores! At the same time, consumers and friends are also welcome to actively report counterfeiting and infringing the interests of the YISHION brand.

My favorite product is broken in the local store, what should I do?

A: You can request the store to transfer the goods. To view the information of nearby stores, click "Find Stores" at the top of the webpage to consult by phone, or consult the official WeChat account of YISHION: YISHION and YISHION's official Sina Weibo @YISHION for more help. Because Yipure does not have an online sales business, it is recommended that consumers and friends see their favorite clothes and buy them early.

Are the quality inspections of YISHION products strict?

Answer: The company adheres to the product concept of "high quality" and "quality first", and sets up a professional quality testing laboratory with a pure investment of more than RMB 40 million. It is the largest testing platform for garment enterprises in China. Some testing items represent domestic The top level of testing, such as azo testing, has invested 3 million yuan, which can effectively detect harmful chemical components in fabrics, and is absolutely leading in the industry. In order to ensure the excellent quality of the products, before the goods are sent to the specialty store for sale, they must go through multiple tests and random inspections. Tests such as washing and pH value, and the requirements for children's clothing are particularly strict to ensure quality and safety. At the same time, more than 120 million yuan has been invested to set up a finished product testing center, employing more than 1,000 workers to check the size, thread, lathe, and repackaging of finished products by manual inspection, making the final check on the goods. Welcome friends from the media, industry and consumers to visit, exchange and visit Yipure Quality Testing Center!

Are all YISHION products made by themselves?

A: Most of the products of YISHION Group's brands are produced by YISHION Group's own factories in China. With the advantages of the industrial chain, product quality is guaranteed. At the same time, it also provides a large number of stable jobs for the society.

Want to know the information of YISHION members

A: Click "Member Center" at the top of this webpage, or follow YISHION's official WeChat account to check the membership club.

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